Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Outdoor Christmas Fun!

Here in Australia we have just broken up from school for our Summer holidays. The weather is perfect and we are enjoying the outdoors. This activity was great fun and covered numerous learning areas...sorting according to colour and number, counting and number recognition and it was a good fine motor activity.

If it is too cold where you are living to play outside you could make this into a fun bath time activity.

Cut out Christmas tree shapes. I used old plastic file dividers in 3 colours- red, green and yellow.

Write the numbers 1-5 or 1-10 depending on your child's age.

I bought these water spray bottles at IKEA for $1 each and they happened to be the colours I wanted.

I put the Christmas tree shapes and the water bottles in the water trolley.

The children pegged the trees to the clothes line, in order from 1-5 or randomly. They identified the numbers as they pegged them on the line and then squirted the numbers in order. They loved aiming at their favourite number and squirting it.

It was a great activity to teach and reinforce numbers and it was a fun outdoor Christmas activity.

See you next Tuesday

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Handprint Tea Towels

Printed Tea Towel
This is a gift that the children can make for their parents for Christmas that is easy to make and a lovely keepsake.
I have done tea towels before, however this is the first time I have done a hand print Christmas tree.
As most of my class are 3 years old, they have pretty small hands so I had to do something that required multiple prints to be effective.
Each child knew they needed 6 hand prints to make the tree and enjoyed counting along.

We started with one hand print in the middle of the bottom row and then built up around it.

Once the hand prints were done, the children printed a base for the tree and a star on top.

When using fabric paint, you need to heat set the paint by ironing it once it is dry. (I always put a scrap of material over the artwork so nothing comes off on my iron.)

Wrapping Paper
The children used circle foam printing sticks and red and gold paint to create their wrapping paper.

When it came to wrapping, we tried to wrap the tea towel so it resembled a Christmas cracker. Finally, we wrapped the cracker in some clear cellophane and attached some ribbon.

I think the parents will love their gifts.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Vegetable Printing Nativity

Each year I try to think of new and different Christmas activities and ideas.
I think this is one of the cutest Nativity scenes ever !!!

It is simple, easy for young children to do on their own and can be done with every-day household items.

You will need three different sized potatoes (one large, one medium and one small ) and one carrot.

Get the children to print Joseph, Mary and Jesus.

Use the carrots to print the stable.

When they are dry, glue on little faces, a star and of course some glitter!!

Get the children to draw faces and possibly some farm animals and an angel.

Last year my Nativity was super simple as well. You might like to have a look here....


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Santa Pop Sticks

Here are some quick counting Santa's to make with or for your child. These counting Santa pop sticks could be used in a variety of ways.

Children could ...put them in the correct order
                        ...play with them in the block area
                        ...use them in playdough
                        ...count with them
                        ...identify the numbers
                        ...put them in trucks
                        ...attach them to boxes, cylinders or stands
                        ...make a Santa village
                        ...play with them !!

You will need 10 large pop sticks and some red, black and white acrylic paint.

This is how I painted them.

I hope you enjoy making some counting Santa's and that your child has fun learning with them.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Alphabet Christmas Tree

In Australia it is getting hot and water play is a large part of the outdoor programme. This activity combines three of my favourite things.....recycling, water play and Christmas.

Laundry scoops

Plastic bottle tops

Water Trolley ( or if you prefer, a sensory tray filled with rice or similar)

Some material or a plastic tablecloth ( something that you can draw on with a permanent marker- not a water based marker as it will run if it gets wet)

Write the letters of the alphabet on the bottle tops with a permanent marker.

Draw your Christmas tree and trace around the bottle tops to make the 26 alphabet lights.

Write the letters of the alphabet in order from the top of the tree to the bottom.

Encourage the children to take turns to scoop out one bottle top with a laundry scoop.

Get the children to name the letter they scooped and put it in the correct position on the tree.
Keep fishing until the children have collected the entire alphabet.

Admire your Alphabet Christmas Tree.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Classroom Restaurant

The children in my class love role playing and dressing up. I love setting up different themed areas for the children to play in and we currently have a Post Office and a restaurant.
The restaurant has been a lot of fun and has provided the children with lots of hands on, valuable learning experiences.

After playing in our classroom restaurant, we decided to make some pizzas for our morning tea. The children were the chefs first and made some delicious pizzas, and then they were customers in the classroom restaurant.

Our classroom Restaurant 
A table in our restaurant with our 'pretend pizza'.

Making Aprons
We needed some dress-ups for our restaurant and I had a large roll of perfect material.
A lovely mother who is a whiz on the sewing machine very kindly sewed the children's aprons for us once the children had printed their hand-prints with fabric paint.

She made cute little chefs hats as well - BIG THANKS Angela!!

Pizza Making
We made some delicious pizzas for our morning tea. Three and four year olds don't like a lot of toppings - mainly cheese!!

Until next Tuesday - happy playing!!

Monday, 3 November 2014

Noodle Box Counting

I had some disposable noodle boxes left over from my daughters birthday and thought I could use them on the light table at school.

I attached the numbers 1-10 on the fronts of the noodle boxes as we are working on our numbers at the moment, hence all the Maths related blog posts.

have lots of wool scraps at school and so I thought I could cut up a variety of colours and lengths to represent noodles.

The children had to use the chopsticks to fill the noodle boxes with wool noodles and then add the correct number of pom poms to the noodles, from 1-10.  We discussed what the pom poms could represent and the children came up with lots of ideas- Chinese meatballs, vegetables, sausage etc...

Using the chopsticks was a lot of fun and a great fine motor activity. 
This activity could be done anywhere but was very effective on the light table as the noodle boxes are transparent.

You could use bowls or plates for this activity and crepe paper or ribbons as noodles.
The children thought it was great fun.